Beatiful Palace for Sale in Alt Empordà

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Beatiful Palace for Sale in Alt Empordà

The building consists of ground floor and two stories high, covered with gable eaves and tile Arabic. The most remarkable part of the ground floor is the entrance hall to the building, which leads to a small courtyard.

Description of Beatiful Palace for Sale in Alt Empordà

This space is divided into two levels separated by a large arch voussoirs with a molding that runs its soffit. From the top of the lobby to access the stairs up to the first floor, one with a balustrade section and located on the right side of the courtyard. From the hall, access to the yard and on the stairs is through two light arcades sustained by square pillars, attached to the walls.

Distribution of the Palace for Sale

The courtyard, roughly rectangular plan, is surrounded by arcaded two sections formed by a series of arched arches supported by square pillars. The facade, on the ground floor has a large portal arch adovellat access in the lobby and at his side, a window of the same characteristics.

Beatiful Palace for Sale in Alt Empordà – Costa Brava




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